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Spider Simulators: The Best Thing Happen For Your Website


Recent studies show that Internet users will only see the top 15 search engine results for any given query. It means millions of websites gather dust and it doesn’t make any sense to create such contents if somebody doesn’t read it?

Generally search engine optimization(SEO), which includes link management, keyword counts, editing metatags, etc. So, webmasters spend most of their time to fine-tune these elements, but it needs a test drive like any product. That’s where a search engine Spider Simulators plays a key role. It is also called as search engine robot simulator, that allows you to see the page as other web crawlers do.


What does actually a Spiders See:

Web spiders always look for fresh content that can be indexed, for that they goes through millions of internet locations to settle it. It’s a fact that Internet crawlers do not prefer to look at content with


The things that a spider specifically looks for is the keywords that match meta tags, recent information, and header tags. Keeping the most recent posts or featured information at the top of a page makes good practices in SEO marketing. These are the important facts that internet spiders go through while placing importance on a certain internet location that is then passed on for indexing.

Information Indexing:

It is essential to make several locations on a website easy to crawl by the spiders. By connecting a keyword link from another site helps to enhance the visibility so that each page can be found and indexed. A website must have a well-structured architecture to increase the speed by keeping the internet spiders in mind.

Main page should hold keyword links that connect to the sub-links which then connect to final links, to make sure the same keywords used as those that are in the meta tags to create a swift, genuine path that web crawlers can trek to get every location on a website.

The thing to Avoid:

  • Avoid the things that slow down or prevents crawling by the web spiders, which includes: Flash and JavaScript elements; frames; forms; outdated code; more than 150 links on a page or unnecessary pages like splash pages.
  • It is good to avoid such features on a website that needs to gain page rank.
  • The code with the simplest, most unique links are indexed very fast and in the easiest way, so no need to go for complicated coding.

It leads to rectify many problems that are found and add in meta keyword links in a more organized manner, that leads to an effectively indexed website.


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